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“People are becoming more informed about the idea of queerness, of queer and transgender identity. It feels very exciting that it’s not taboo anymore to talk about feminism, or to talk about gender. Before, there was never a space for it.” - Planningtorock aims to start a discussion with her new album, All Love’s Legal.
Detox Icunt by Samantha Geballe, 35mm

The James Baldwin Message for Trans People




The James Baldwin Message for Trans People

“despite all the strides the queer movement has made, on the whole, we still do not love and cherish transgender people enough, especially young trans women and trans men of color. We do not see them as we should, as the flowering of our movement, as our hope.”

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Shea Couleé performing Applause by Lady Gaga in the Drag Matinee at Berlin Nightclub. 10.19.2013

Hands down one of our favorite queens ever, tearing up Chicago <3

We’re a fan <3

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jay2themie asked: My goodness, I think I just died and went to tumblr heaven! Great blog you have here :-)

Aww thanks!! Glad you like— stay tuned as it’s gonna be growing a lot in the coming weeks and we’ll be launching the official site with lots of exclusive shoots with queens that amaze! ~_^


osperitajdore asked: Love you blog

Thanks! Love your drag— you’re friggen gorgeous!

Xxo MQ

This commercial for a push-up bra seems like every other bra commercial you’ve ever had to watch, until the end. Cheeky, brave, wonderful.

DSquared SS13 Campaign

Starring Dean & Dan in face


Detox Icunt by Jeremy Kost
Detox Icunt
Day drag closet exploration extravaganza today in Sissy Spastik's room
Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben&#8217;s Hatstand project featuring Philip Treacy&#8217;s designs and Michael Jackson&#8217;s stage wardrobe, styled by Katy England.

Too all the baby queens in the drag tag...




Hide your shame…

and by shame I mean your boy brows.

Learn to use a glue stick, and don’t be a lazy bitch. It aint cute.

Seriously, unless you have gorgeous perfect lady brows (willam, adore), cover that shit. It ruins your whole face.

well this is fucking obnoxious.  people can do drag however they want to. get the fuck off your high horses.  drag is supposed to be about critique and community and self-discovery, not about ~experienced~ queens creating some ridiculous hierarchy and thinking that drag is about eyebrows

Let’s not cut people down for having a different style, making a different creative choice with their drag, or for (heaven forbid) pushing you to want to try harder at your own drag. Drag should be a community, not some exclusive club meant to make others feel small. Yes you work hard for your drag, and people who work hard deserve recognition— but to assume you’re one of an elite group of hard-working queens is a mistake.

P.S. Some queens absolutely ROCK with their boy brows, and are prettier than all the other queens half-heartedly gluing down their brows and painting skinny lil brows on their foreheads. If you can pull off boy brows, for heavens sake honey, DO IT.

Sissy Spastik destroyed the crowd at The House of Santana Drag Show @ Berlin Nightclub with her sickening performance of Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People”, serving up post-op plastic surgery andro realness, complete with plastic lips and a mouthful of fake blood. 

We can’t get enough of this performance, and neither could any of the spectators that night, as Sissy put together a show from far outside the box and poured genuine passion all over the stage.